Easy Virtual Twins for your Construction Site

Our Technology

immersight develops and sales its software-solution for rooms, buildings and construction sites. The focus is on easy 3D-capturing by a simple 360°-camera, laser and smartphone. Easy 3D-capturing of rooms by a simple 360°-camera. The digital twin of rooms, buildings or construction sites can be used for virtual inspection and documentation of progress.

With our 3D-Scan technology, it is possible to measure the floor, the walls or even the ceiling of rooms. With a GPS-based mapping, data is directly put into the correct project and so you can do construction progress management with ease. Artificial intelligence is doing the automatic measuring and detection of objects. Virtual inspection is helping by project-coordination.

Of course, the digital twin can also be presented with virtual reality. A virtual walk-through for work instruction, for training or also as a digital showroom for customer guidance. And with our floorplanner you can create 2D plannings, ideally suited for bathroom and boiler room planning.

Create Digital Twins of rooms and measure them out

About immersight

The immersight team formed at the University of Ulm in 2012 and invented the spatial glasses – a technology for virtual reality. For the first time, the spatial glasses allowed complete immersion in virtual space and were the first VR glasses for the professional sector. For the idea of using this technology to present and sell rooms, the team was already awarded the main prize of the start-up competition IKT innovativ by the German Federal Ministry of Economics in 2012.

In 2015, immersight made the second major innovation in the young company’s history with the development of the 3D showroom software. It was the world’s first software for virtual exhibitions. It enables the operation of a virtual showroom, allowing room planners and retailers to build their own virtual exhibition and operate it with virtual reality.

Since 2020 immersight is not only responsible for finished rooms – but also for rooms that are being built. With the 3D Workroom, a concept has been developed for taking construction site documentation and communication to a new level.

Over the years, we have gained extensive experience in the trades and construction sector. We know where visualization and communication technology can improve existing processes, how to integrate it, where the biggest challenges are and where the opportunities are.

The name immersight is a combination of the words immersion and sight. Immersion comes from the Latin word immersio and means „immersion“. Sight is English and means „to see“. Combined, immersight stands for optical immersion in virtual spaces. The viewer feels as if he or she is actually in this space. The possibilities offered by virtual reality make viewing rooms an impressive experience.

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